April 8th, 2010

01:02 pm
I like it when people are reasonable.

Whats the big fucking deal, anyway? People should be allowed to get married.

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March 26th, 2010

02:20 pm
Oh Gary. Stick to football, mate. You're pretty insane, hey.

PS - Americans: Health care is pretty good. Why do you want people to die so bad? You're mostly insane too.

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March 16th, 2010

02:23 pm
This sums up perfectly why I disagree with religious education for children:

Although, honestly, it was thanks to my religious education that I grew up a rational human being. I stopped believing in god(s) at the same time I stopped believing in Santa Claus. For the same reasons. It just didn't add up.

“I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” – Stephen Roberts

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December 19th, 2009

03:19 pm
On a happy note, today I bought all my christmas presents from one place.

I am particularly happy with both the Secret Santa, and Jacintas. Jacintas outgoing gifts always walk that fine line between awesome and ridiculous, and I think this does the same. Although it may possibly be in the process of tripping off the line, and falling into the Ridiculous Abyss. But I think that only makes it better.

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December 15th, 2009

09:36 pm


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December 4th, 2009

09:12 pm - It's that time of year...
Repost - refined - from last year.

Ricky's Christmas Facts

FACT 1: I hate Christmas carols, unless they are interesting, like the South Park or Tripod ones.

FACT 2: I dont give Christmas cards, and I dont expect to get any. They confuse me, because what do I do with them in January? Im not keeping them!* So don't give me them! Its a waste!

FACT 3: Somehow Ive never gotten into the whole Christmas-present-for-friends thing, aside from Secret Santa. So, if you're getting me one, and you want one back, make sure I know you're getting me one. Otherwise, Ill have to make it up to you at birthday-time.

FACT 4: Turkey still sucks. Gnocci still rules - and so do chicken schnitzels.

PS. If you want to give me a Christmas card, just make one as a comment to this post. Its permanent, and I can reply. Nice.

* unless they have The Hives on them. Or maybe Jack Black.

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October 12th, 2009

10:03 am
So, hey, Dave is married. Whats up with that.

I am still kinda shitting myself about the speech. Any and all credit must go to the formula that I stoledistilled from the speech the best man - one Mr Luke Edmunds - gave at my brother's wedding.

For any of you who have to write a best man speech in the future, here it is:

1. Introduction. Who are you, anyway?
2. So, hey, congrats! And, seriously, how good does the bride look?*
3. How you met the groom.
4. Story about the groom evolving as a person.
5. Amusing illustrative anecdote
6. How the groom met the bride.
7. Story about their [early, if possible] relationship.
8. Amusing illustrative anecdote
9. List of things the groom loves, concluding with the bride's name.
10. Toasts: Groomsmen, Bridesmaids, Groom (and bride)**

* I'm terrible with compliments - giving or receiving - so left this out.
** Apparently it is also traditional to toast the parents here or at the end, but I left that out by accident (and because I am a bad man).

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October 6th, 2009

02:19 pm
Because you are my friends, you will probably enjoy this.

Especially if you like any of the following:

- Clerks
- Mallrats
- Comics
- Comic book stores
- Callum
- Empire Toys
- Big Bang Theory
- The Guild

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August 11th, 2009

10:04 am - In case you were wondering...
I'm not going to be on Beauty and the Geek.

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May 12th, 2009

04:35 pm
So I'm in South Australia, which is awesome because I got here the day Cam got back to Perth. So there was no weirdawesome reunion like that time Turk got back and him and JD ran around the hospital and ended up on Roof A and Roof B.

I am typing this information from a laptop using a 3G wireless internets card, even though there is probably a WAP around somewhere near the hotel. And by hotel, I mean a pub with rooms above it. Mine didn't have a desk, so I stole one from Justin's room. My room had two beds and smells funny, his had a desk and a bed and smells weird, and Jim's room has a desk AND two beds AND no smell, so I think we can all see who is living the high life right now.

In case you care, the place I am staying is located right about here. I have an excellent view of the building next door from my window. Also: I forgot to bring enough socks, so I went to Target earlier and bought some. I probably won't charge them to the company, but everything else, including this internets, is on the house. Awesome. I might play some pokies later. That probably won't be on the house either. Benny won $300 last night. Not 3BK (B.Eng). A different Benny. In case I mention him again, this will be 3FB, for 3 Fucks Benny. This is because he is an old salty ex-Navy bastard who cannot complete a sentence unless it has at least three fucks in it. And you know if I am commenting on levels of swearing, it must be so notable that it almost merits a Wikipedia article.

Every day this week (Tuesday to Thursday) we fly to a Secret Government Facility (located here), where we sit around and try to make software and hardware play nicely. Tomorrow, we are fixing a generator and removing rust/repainting. I have a vague idea how to do the latter, and no idea about the former. Thats not a nice beach there, its a fucking steep cliff. I spent some time today sitting on the deck out the front waiting for a plane; I was staring at the horizon, listening to dolphins and snapping shrimp and (possibly) a whale. I have some great (I hope) photos from the area and from the flight - a little twin engine prop which is made kinda like a car.

Monday and Friday are travelling days, which is to say, days where I get paid to sit on a plane and read, and surf the web at the airport while eating (free) mee goreng and cake. Adelaide airport looks a lot like the city: sparse, mildly artistic, a bit interesting, but with not a whole lot going on.

The seafood here is also pretty good. So is the cider, and also the pepsi max. And the reverse-cycle air con.

On the downside, getting up at 6am sucks, especially when you realise that 6am here is actually 4.30am in Real Time. The blankets are notable for actually being sheets that have adopted a cunning disguise. Apparently, everyone here has a Dave-like Frost Resistance buff. Also, mounting evidence suggests that eating breakfast "out" always sucks, no matter where you eat it. Unless you can get pacon and bancakes. Maybe they have that? I'll ask tomorrow.

Goddamn, I love bancakes and pacon.

Anyway I guess I should find out what these other blokes want to do for dinner. I think I might go for some lemon pepper calamari, if they want to eat here. Or maybe a pizza? Choices are made harder by the free-ness of it all...

Until next time!

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